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My fiance left the 10th of June 2008 for orientation. By the 8th of July they had not given him any home time which broke up our relationship.

They also keep asking him to break DOT regulations by trying to keep him on the road for more than 14 hrs. I love this man dearly and I want him home but that isn't going to happen because they won't give him home time. Their pay is awful and his first pay check was 59.00.

The easiest way to break up a relationship is to go to work for Covenant Transport.

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Well when doing Covenant Transportation they offer you a legal services for like $8 week which covers 1/3 the cost for legal fees for DIVORCE, ALIMONY, CHILD SUPPORT, CUSTODY, etc. That should say enough about that lol

Graham, Texas, United States #591766

The 10 th of june til july 8th?! You broke up over less than a month?

Training is at least 5 weeks and the trainer ain't gonna take hometime during it. Also it's otr and any company that isn't doing home resets is looking for at least 5-6 weeks out. They can get you home more often but you won't get run much. Either go local or regional.

Otr isn't an easy life and he needs to decide between the career or you. Good luck


I know that I'm pretty late but I have the same situation that you do...and I couldn't agree more... Covenant is horrible...But they'll never care about the marriages they break up and the families that they crush...

It's really sad... :sigh

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